- A team can have up to 5 students, however only 4 can participate in a battle. The 5th team member is an "alternate" and it is up to the team to decide to rotate the alternate into tournaments or if the alternate will only battle if one of the other 4 teammates is absent. A team can have less than 4 members, but the most successful teams have at least 4.

- Students on the most successful teams will each read between 6-8 books from the list. There will be charts located in the library to keep track of your team's progress and to see who has read what book. 

- Each team will have a spokesperson who will give the final answers during the battles. The spokesperson can rotate between battles, but not in the middle of a battle.

- The spokesperson must know the correct book title AND author's name to get full points for questions in a battle.

- Battles will be held in January and February before school in the library from 8-8:20. The January schedule will be posted at school and on the blog and it is the student's responsibility to check the schedule and show up to school on time for their battles. Teams who do not show up within 5 minutes of the starting time forfeit the battle. 

- The winning 3-5th grade team and 6th grade team will move on to compete in the regional battle to be held somewhere in Washington County on a weekend in March. Parent permission will be required. 

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